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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


Let’s protect our city pigeons

Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with several animal welfare associations, informs the general public on how to protect and improve the quality of life of city pigeons.

Barcelona City Council has published the leaflets: Protegim els coloms (Protect the pigeons) and Bones pràctiques (Good practices) about the ethical control of urban pigeons. This project started a year ago, when the City Council decided to stop the cruel culling practices and installed 40 food dispensers with contraceptive maize (treated with nicarbazin) throughout the city.

The leaflets are the result of the working group for city birds of the Municipal Council for the Protection of Animals of Barcelona City Council, of which Ong ADDA is part along with other animal protection associations. The purpose is to inform of the new ethical measures for the control of pigeon population in the city, calling for the collaboration of people to improve the welfare of these emblematic birds.

The Municipal Council for Coexistence, Defense and protection of Animals of the City Council of Barcelona, is consultative body made up of many animal welfare groups. Ong ADDA is one of the four associations that promoted its creation in 1996.

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