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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


Ong ADDA supports One Voice campaign

Ong ADDA supports the petition of the French association One Voice to call for the closure of the Beagles and Golden Retriever dog breeding farm in Mézilles (France) which supplies dogs for experimentation.

One Voice reported the intention of the French Government to authorize the expansion of this breeding farm in order to regularize a farm that does not respect the regulations since it currently houses more than 1,500 dogs, when only a maximum of 500 adult females are allowed.

One Voice representatives together with an expert veterinarian, have been able to verify, in situ, the terrible living conditions of the dogs. To its cruel fate of laboratory animals, the suffering of intensive farming is added. The females are treated as breeding machines: thousands of puppies are born each year. A former employee of the farm says that every day buckets of dead newborn puppies were collected. The center has only one veterinarian and only one security guard at night. There are no CCTV either.

Source: One Voice

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