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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


The Constitutional Court lifted the suspension of the Balearic bullfighting law

The Constitutional Court lifted the suspension of the new “Bullfighting Law” of the Balearic Islands, requested by the Spanish Government, in the appeal against the regulations approved by the Balearic Parliament while the Court does not pronounce on the constitutionality of the precepts appealed.

On July 2017, the Balearic Parliament voted a new law which prohibits to injure and kill the bulls during bullfights. The Spanish government appealed to the Constitutional Court (CT) alleging that this law violates State powers and was not constitutional.

The Constitutional Court agreed to precautionary suspend the law for a maximum of five months before deciding whether to maintain or lift it.

Now the Constitutional Court has found "insufficient" the arguments of the Spanish government. This means that the Balearic law, which bans the injuring and killing of the bulls during bullfights can be applied despite the appeal and will be valid until the CT proclaims a final sentence.

Ong ADDA welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Court and considers that this is a first step to ensure that the prohibition of bullfighting in Balearic Islands can be achieved, as it was in Catalonia in July 2010.