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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


Petition for humane and ethical control of urban Doves

Pigeons are part of the urban landscape of our cities. Their presence is associated with iconic and popular places such as St. Peter's Square in Rome, Trafalgar Square in London, the Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona ... Their image symbolizes purity, love, tenderness, motherhood and universal peace. Their domesticity goes back to the days of ancient Rome, because they have always exhibited the qualities of workability, reliability and trust. Pigeons have provided many services to humanity and have been decorated and honoured.

High concentrations of pigeons in certain urban areas generate conflicts with some sectors of the human population. Doves adapt well to the urban environment, they can find food available in urban areas and many spaces for nesting. All of this contributes to their high population density. Therefore, it is necessary to implement more effective and bloodless methods of birth control, to benefit both the quality of life of pigeons and the urban environment avoiding, at the same time, the negative aspects of population control.

The most efficient alternative method is the Installation of animal-friendly dovecotes, based on the principles of respect and protection of animals. These dovecotes provide a durable and economic solution and have been proven to work in other European cities. There is general consensus among experts in the United States, Australia and Europe, that massive and periodic slaughters do not solve the problem, indeed they favour an increase to the pigeon population.

Mass captures and indiscriminate killings are cruel and useless. Click here to download a petition form (in Spanish) http://www.addaong.org/pdf/hojasfirmaspalomasbcn.pdf